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Virtual Reality

If you’re trying to create a compelling video or a photo experience for your consumers, our Virtual Reality services ensures that your media matches today’s virtual standards as 75% of top brands have VR projects. Whether it is for business or pleasure, AVRHub excels in creating innovative VR solutions. Our competent team can take your virtual reality experience to the next level, creating a long-lasting impact.

Virtual Labs

In collaboration with Savir, a leading provider of technology-enabled knowledge solutions, AVR Hub will provide your educational facilities with physics, chemistry and biology labs. Virtual labs in schools or universities are no longer considered a luxury or “an extra”, they play a vital role in enhancing the education experience. Virtual labs equip Science and Engineering Labs with industry-standard vocational and technical training aids that include simulation systems, demonstration, and instrumentation equipment.

Virtual Reality Training Service

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26% of businesses are using VR to train employees; it is an innovative way to support skills development. Virtual training is the ideal alternative to physical training and offers a risk-free environment with cost-saving potential, avoiding costly mistakes. VR training has been proven to increase efficiency and is a fantastic tool to support businesses dedicated to long-term success.

VR for Real Estate

Increase your Real Estate’s exposure and reshape its marketing with Virtual Reality. Provide your clients and prospects with real-time virtual presentations for existing or yet to be built properties as well as adding elements to them which provides immersive exploration. VR for Real Estate can be integrated with Google Maps and offers a great solution for Real Estate Renting, Buying and Selling.

VR for Interior Design

VR allows interior designers to fully visualize the interior of a place through completely visual means, allowing interior designers to conceptualize and test their designs virtually before translating them into real-life models. Additionally, if you want to offer your customers or prospects a looped virtual tour without the need to manually move from one spot to the other, then the cinematic view is ideal for you. This allows them to enjoy a video format of your virtual designs and you can allow it to play on your website as well as on your social media pages.